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From the prestigious Langhe zone of the Piemonte region RITROVO® introduces Pasta Allemandi tortellini and Piemontese egg pastas.

Our newest producer, Maurizio Allemandi, grew up visiting his grandmothers trattoria - Vascello d’Oro (a trattoria that is still open in Carru today) where he learned that quality raw materials and the passion for quality food are the basis of Italian regional cuisine.

After traveling the world as a chef Maurizio decided to return home and raise a family in the beautiful zone where he grew up. In 2005 he founded the Allemandi Pastificio. Using only local cage free eggs, durum wheat flour, and the same artisan techniques that he absorbed from his nonna, Maurizio has dedicated himself to making restaurant quality pastas for home cooks. He has always upgraded every aspect of his production-- including using solar-powered drying and modern equipment--but the spirit of his pasta remains grounded in Piemonte tradition.

RITROVO® presents 3 pastas from the Allemandi Pasta culinary or Alta Gastronomia line, which are beautifully packaged for gift baskets, date nights, or special culinary evenings: Tagliolini di “Carru”, the most typical egg pasta of the Langhe region, called tajarin in local dialect; Tagliatelle di “Carru”, a flat, wide cut used for meat sauces and vegetable ragus; Tagliatelle al Tartufo, flavored with real, prestigious Langhe truffles.

In partnership with an Emilia-Romagna based pastificio Maurizio Allemandi presents two 2 regional tortellini: Tortellini with Spinach and Ricotta, Tortellini with Cheese.

These are fragrant with the egg pasta dough, and typical touch of nutmeg. The aromatic cheese flavor bursts on the plate with either tomato sauces or in the classic broth or brodo.


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