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New Crop of Colli Estruschi EVOO is Here!

A Sustainable EVOO:Located near the Etruscan town of Blera, the Colli Etruschi farm uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce high quality extra virgin olive oils. Their innovative pressing techniques ensures a higher antioxidant count and an eco-friendly oil production. A special centrifugation process separates the oil, pits, and a “pâté” component in one step, without any water being added to help extract more oil from the olive pulp. This innovative process not only preserves the oil's flavor and nutritional value, but also eliminates wasteful use of water. Colli Etruschi’s press is solar-powered, and presses only locally grown and harvested olives. The result is exceptional quality and a production process with a remarkably low environmental impact. We are proud to import this special line of extra virgin olive oils.

We often reach for Colli Estrushi bottles in our own homes, so we are naturally excited for this new crop to enjoy! This recent vintage is excellent, consistent and high quality. It's no wonder their oils are popular! Looking for a great EVOO to have in your kitchen? Start here.

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