How did Ritrovo start as a company?

Our founders were teachers and teacher trainers for the US, British and Italian governments in Italy and lived in Italy full time for 6 years. They fell in love with Italy’s food and culture, studied to become sommeliers, and moved back to the  US to start their company in 1999.

What makes Ritrovo products different from other European imported products?

Ritrovo buys direct from producers in Italy at the source. They rarely buy from trade shows and even collaborate with their suppliers to create Ritrovo Selections. Moreover, they have created a unique range of Collaboration that are products made in the USA with Ritrovo raw materials.

How does Ritrovo choose a product for its product line?

Ritrovo seeks out only artisanal, regional growers and producers who have clean, pure, and authentic Italian foods.  We taste, and re-taste, and import only what we would want to eat ourselves. We have developed most of our own recipes and serving suggestions for all of our products.

Are your olive oils extra virgin, cold first-press?

Yes--and then some. All of our olive oils have ¼ or less of the acidity allowed by the European Union for extra virgin olive oils. In addition, they are made according to the most rigorous standards and with state-of-the-art technology. Our producers are some of the most award-winning in all of Italy.

How many years are your balsamics aged?

Our tradizionale balsamics are aged 12 and 25 years, as the labeling states. These are the only balsamics allowed to use these ages by European law. All of our other balsamics have quality levels based on the amount of reduction of the grape must used in their production. The more dense and concentrated they are, the higher the quality and price.

Why buy here? 

When you buy from Ritrovo’s website you can stay up to date on our new arrivals, and get our latest information from Italy and our US-based creative team.  Also, you will be able to buy Ritrovo Website Exclusive items that we available nowhere else in the US!


Do you have a wholesale program?

We do, you can fill out our wholesale inquiry HERE or contact us directly at 866-RITROVO



How long will my order take to fill? 

Most of our orders ship within 2 business days of order placement.  We are primarily a wholesale operation, but we have stock of our most popular retail items ready to ship.  Some items, which we pull from our wholesale stock, may take longer to fulfill and will ship in 7-10 business days.

If you need your order in a rush or have any questions about timing, feel free to leave a note with your order or CONTACT US directly. We are happy to answer questions, and do what we can to meet specific needs.

Why isn't my item available? 

The majority of our products are imported from Italy, like many other businesses, we are affected by disruptions in the global supply chain.  In addition, since we sell specialty products made by small producers, there are often reasons for product shortages beyond our control like weather, crop yields, supply shortages, etc.

If you are looking for a particular item that is not in stock, you can sign up for an email notification when it returns or you can CONTACT US directly and we’ll do our best to let you know about availability.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

We don’t currently have our website set up for quantity discounts, but if you are interested in placing a large order or ordering full cases of products feel free to CONTACT US directly.

What do you charge for shipping?

We charge actual rates for shipping to our customers, your shipping rates and options are calculated at checkout.

Our primary shipping partner is UPS and we highly recommend this option, we can ship via USPS if you prefer, but priority mail service has been very inconsistent, so it may delay delivery of your order.

What happens if my order is damaged or lost in shipping?

We package our products in protective packaging for shipping to avoid damage as much as possible, we also insure your shipment in case of damage.

If any items arrive damaged please CONTACT US as soon as possible so we can resolve in the best way possible.  It is also helpful if you can take pictures of any damage to products or packaging and save damaged items until we resolve with you and our carrier.

What about international shipping? 

We do ship to Canada via UPS International and you can select this option at checkout.  At this point, we are not able to ship to countries other than the US and Canada.

Do you offer gift cards or gift certificates? 

We do! You can purchase them online HERE you will receive a code via email to pass on for purchases at our online store

What is your return or refund policy?

We love all the products we sell and we want you to love them too.  If your items are damaged in shipping we will either refund you for the purchase or send a replacement at no cost to you.  Please CONTACT US as if you have any concerns.