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  • Colli Etruschi 100% Caninese Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Bulk
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Colli Etruschi Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Bulk

Producer: Colli Etruschi
Region: Lazio
Size: 5 liter
Item Number: 11109ETR

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Product Description

Colli Etruschi is a farm cooperative located near the Etruscan town of Blera. Under the strict supervision of agronomist Nicola Fazzi, their facility uses state-of-the-equipment to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oils. Featured in the Guide to Italy’s Top EVOOs, and winner of several regional, national and international awards. Made from 100% Caninese olives. Bold, fruity, and versatile.
Region: Viterbo, Lazio (Central Mediterranean). Farm cooperative. Varietal: Caninese
Color: Vivid green
Aroma: Cut grass, lime Bold, grassy, yet smooth and rich with a big peppery finish. Excellent for sautés, especially with seasonal vegetables and bitter greens.


100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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