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VR Aceti Organic Raspberry Balsamic

Producer: VR Aceti
Region: Emilia Romagna
Size: 200ml
Item Number: 1507BALS

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Product Description

A luxurious, rich blend of organic raspberry juice, just the right amount of cooked white grape must for body, and wine vinegar for a tart counterpoint. This vinegar has a gorgeous ruby color and a deep raspberry flavor.


Organic Raspberry Juice, Organic Trebbiano Grape Must, Organic Wine Vinegar.  5% Acidity

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stephen Bigger
Balsamic vinegar

Great !

Seems on the expensive side.

Jill D
So Delicious!

Love this raspberry vinegar! It’s simply the best I’ve ever tasted.

Ronnie Cano
Lovely products

This is my second purchase of the VR flavored balsamic oil blends. I have them in raspberry, citrus, and amarena cherry. That is all I use for salad dressing these days. I also use it on burrata and buffalo mozzarella. I will definitely be ordering more.

Margie Mintz
Light and delicious vinegar

For a light dressing, this vinegar and a good olive oil is all you need.