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Peppercorn Trio for Cacio & Pepe, in grinder

Producer: Fior di Maiella
Size: 35g
Item Number: 9203FIOR

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Product Description

Carefully selected trio of peppercorns packed in a grinder to conveniently add freshly ground pepper to the classic, Roman Cacio Pepe pasta dish. Complex and aromatic. Don’t hesitate to use it on eggs over easy, filet mignon, or to enliven a burrata salad.


black pepper, long pepper, Malagueta pepper, pimento.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect Blend Ratio

Perfect ratio of different peppercorns for the right spice level. Plus the bottle they come in easily unscrews so you can toast the whole peppercorns and put them back in to grind for that extra kick of pepper. Made the perfect cacio e pepe.

Amber Lavergne
Pepper with a little kick

Fragrant and tasty pepper blend.

Little Hungry Hippo
It Makes ALL the Difference!

Wow! What an incredibly delicious seasoning that makes ALL the difference. I used it in my Alfredo sauce, also in my fresh tomato and basil quick sauce. One of new favs!