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Parovel UL'KA DOP Tergeste Slow Food Presidio EVOO

Producer: Parovel
Region: Friuli
Size: 250ml
Item Number: 8100PAR

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Product Description

A true rarity among Italian EVOOs, this award-winning olive oil is made by the Parovel family in olive groves near Trieste Italy, one of the northernmost olive growing regions in the Mediterranean. Their olives are grown with organic methods on the border with Slovenia in the village of San Dorligo della Valle. The resulting 100% Bianchera extra virgin olive oil carries the noted DOP Tergeste denomination and is a Slow Food Presidio. Never before seen in the US market, this mildly fruity olive oil can be matched with seafood dishes, salads, and pasta dishes, including typical Friulano cjalsons--sweet and savory dumplings.

Region: Trieste
Varietals: 100% Bianchera
Color: ​Yellow green
Aroma: Hints of artichoke, olive tree leaf and green pepper. Balanced with light bitterness and spiciness, white fruit and almond.


100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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