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  • Molino Verrini 100% Italian Wheat Flour Type "00"
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Molino Verrini 100% Italian Wheat Flour Type "00"

Producer: Molino Verrini
Region: Emilia Romagna
Size: 1 k
Item Number: 9500VER

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Product Description

This special flour, selected by Ritrovo, is produced artisanally at the Verrini Flour Mill in Carpi, near Modena. Great-grandfather Millo Verrini began working as a miller at the age of 12, in 1927. He and his father Dante and brothers Enzo, Danilo, and Milvio, dedicated themselves to making the best wheat flour in their area. "00" flour is a finely ground all purpose flour. Suggested uses include to make pastry, breads, and pizza.


100% Italian Wheat Flour

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