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  • Marino Wild Harvested Salted Capers - Bulk
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Marino Wild Harvested Salted Capers - Bulk

Producer: Marino
Region: Sicilia (Sicily)
Size: 1 kg
Item Number: 11111MAR

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Product Description

A RITROVO SELECTION™ in partnership with Marino Farms. For almost 10 years the Marino family has been producing amazing extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs from their distinctive territory and offering them to RITROVO®. For the first time in 2018 they began harvesting local fresh capers and salting them with Trapani Sicilian sea salt, just when a new caper supplier was needed. The result is a salted caper that has a flavor and freshness well beyond the usual. It will inspire home cooks and chefs to add capers to every meal: from salads and antipasti to roasted fish and pastas. By Marino Farms.


Capers, Salt.

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