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  • Madonna dell'Olivo Olio Itrans Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Madonna dell'Olivo Itrans EVOO

Producer: Madonna Dell'Olivo
Region: Campania
Size: 500 ml
Item Number: 10100FER

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Product Description

Limited. ​A mono-varietal EVOO with incredibly low acidity and high antioxident levels. Itran’s is elegant and versatile with a subtle peppery flavor and light citrus finish. Best for unripened cheeses, summer vegetables and salads. Itran's ​
Region: Campania, Estate produced. Varietal: Itrana ​
Color: Golden green Powerful, yet elegant grassy aroma More peppery than bitter flavor with a light citrus finish. Elegant and versatile, best for unripened cheeses, summer vegetables and salads. Acidity: 0.13% Number of Peroxides: 1.1 meq02/kg Vitamin E: 182 mg/kg Total Polyphenols: 351 mg/kg


100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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