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  • Casina Rossa Spices of Italy, set of 6
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Casina Rossa Spices of Italy, set of 6

Producer: Casina Rossa
Region: Abruzzo
Size: 6/8 g
Price: $30.50
Item Number: 88999CAS

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Product Description

Returning to our roots as creators and importers of Italian products that represent all of Italy’s food biodiversity and to represent the colors and flavors of Italy from north to south, we sourced with Nicola Delaurentiis of Casina Rossa iconic regional Italian flavors.


Fennel Pollen: 100% Dry Italian Fennel Pollen Chamomile: 100% Dry Italian Chamomile Ground Myrtle Leaf: 100% Dry Ground Italian Myrtle Leaf Rosemary: 100% Dry Italian Rosemary Ground Nutmeg: 100% Dry Ground Italian Nutmeg Anise Seeds: 100% Dry Italian Anise Seeds

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