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  • Cacao Crudo 80% Dark Raw Cacao Bar
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Cacao Crudo 80% Dark Raw Cacao Bar

Producer: Cacao Crudo
Region: Lazio
Size: 50 g
Item Number: 20202CRU

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Product Description

Producer, Daniele dell’Orco, is a young Italian man of the world who represents the Italy of today - tradition and innovation combined, with quality of raw materials at the forefront. Daniele mixes his Italian food culture, traditions and ingredients with raw cacao beans that are sourced from the highest quality raw material to highlight the natural floral and fruity flavors of Criollo cacao. Cacao Crudo is sweetened lightly with only coconut flower nectar. Showing his Italian sensibility Daniele highlights his raw chocolate bars with Italian classic regional ingredients like IGP Siracusa lemon and tonda gentile hazlenuts. All cacao crudo bars are: Made with 100% organic Criollo cacao / Made with known supply chain, fair trade, and sustainable environmental practices / Made with low sugar, and only from coconut- based sources / Vegan / Gluten free / Produced at low temperature / Free of lactose, soy lecithin and palm oil, artificial flavors / Use IGP Italian ingredients such as lemon peel and hazelnuts.


Not Roasted Cacao Criollo Beans Paste*, Concentrated Coconut Flower Sap* (Cocoa Solids: 80% Minimum)

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