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  • ADI Apicoltura Organic Rosemary Honey
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ADI Apicoltura Organic Rosemary Honey

Producer: ADI Apicoltura
Region: Abruzzo
Size: 250 g
Item Number: 12300ADI

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Product Description

The bees forage on organic rosemary blossoms, which gives the pale amber honey a piney aroma and full-bodied sweetness. Toast is an obvious choice and always excellent but consider adding some to cheese plates. Just a little honey complements the salty nature of cheese. You can drizzle it over a wedge or put it in a ramekin and let your guests spoon it out on their own. Especially good with goat cheese, brie, aged pecorino and camembert. Excellent as a glaze for roasted chicken or pork, for baking - especially in olive oil cakes, and on whole-grain toast. Harvest dependent.


100% Pure Monovarietal Italian Honey

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