Taste of Italian Terrior Through Honey

 We  just returned from Italy and spent time in Tuscany, having a special visit with Dr. Pescia. Good news, we have a new shipment of this unique honey now in the States! In celebration, we want to share with you why these honeys are so uniquely delicious. 
Dr. Pescia Honey
New York Magazine has hailed this Tuscan honey as one of the best and we agree! Dr. Paolo Pescia is a nomadic beekeeper, meaning he moves his hives up and down the Tuscan coast so that they can buzz among the seasonal flowers and national parks of the area. Because each hive is deliberately placed, they create a true taste of the land, capturing the terrior in their honey. We had a chance to see Paolo last week in Italy and it was such a pleasure to see the great care he takes with his special bees. Unpasteurized, unfiltered and totally unique. And also now back in stock!
ADI Honey
If you were to travel southeast from Dr. Pescia's in Tuscany, you would arrive in Abruzzo to the Lacovanelli family's beekeeping operation. For over 160 years, they have focused on organic, mono-cultural honeys. Raw and unfiltered, this honey is a beautiful expression of the Abruzzo region, in its natural state.
Try some ADI favorites like Orange Flower, Cherry Blossom and Chestnut honey varieties.