The BEST Soy Sauce & How it is Made

Wu Wan Wo Soy Sauce

Slovenian Salt + Taiwanese Tradition?

It's an unlikely duo, but that's what it takes to create great soy sauce. Read on!
It's true, we specialize in Italian imports, but at the core of what we do is the belief that it is important to preserve traditions and hold sacred the very best ingredients.
Enter, WuWanWo soy sauces. These sauces use beans that are naturally fermented in large terra cotta jars with Piranske salt for 180 days, following centuries old tradition. The Slovenian sea salt that is used to make these sauces is a legend on its own, a 700-year old tradition in salt harvesting.
Loaded with rich umami flavor, the soy sauces are perfect to elevate a simple seafood dish, to craft vinaigrettes or marinades. We love adding a splash to our tomato sauces too! 
Made with simple ingredients, these sauces are naturally gluten free, containing just indigenous black soy beans, sea salt, brown sugar and natural flavors.



Harmonious: A balanced, meaty flavor, laying a simply savory foundation. Try with sashimi, sushi, spring rolls, tempura, or dumplings, in marinades and salad dressings and other light dishes.
Rich: A more concentrated version of the Harmonious, it is bold and amplifies hearty dishes, like fried rice, noodles and steamed fish. 
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