Limited Bottles! Rotondella Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Here

Looking for the best bottle of EVOO from the recent harvest? Try this.

The olives were harvested in the fall of 2022 and are bottled and ready to be enjoyed now!

 We are proud to introduce this special bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Madonna dell’Oliva. Made with 100% Rotondella, a distinct olive native to the Campania region, this bottle just might be the best olive oil of the 2022 harvest. Bursting with flavor and an antioxidant punch it's a true superfood!

Our Ritrovo special selection Madonna dell’Oliva with 100% Rotondella is to be Antonino Mennella's best olive oil of the 2022 harvest. He bottled this exclusively for Ritrovo, to highlight the Mediterranean diet. With the highest antioxidant level of all of Madonna oils at 613mg/kg it is an olive oil tonic, ready to be used for finishing gourmet dishes, purees, and specialties like olive oil gelato. It can be consumed by the teaspoon as a natural elixir, fruit fresh from the olive.

Flavor Notes: With a yellow-green hue, the oil has refreshing vegetal aromas with tastes of green almonds, artichoke and a spicy, long finish. 

A Few Ways to Use this Rare Oil:

  • Enjoy it, now! We recommend enjoying this fresh oil now, don't save for later.
  • Use it as a finishing oil to drizzle over main dishes or appetizers before serving. 
  • Blend it into sauces or purees.
  • Toss with pasta or risotto dishes.
  • Let it shine in an olive oil gelato.
  • Give it as a special gift!

More About the Producer: Madonna della'Oliva

Antonino Mennella passionately leads the team at Madonna della'Oliva in Campania. A small, 2,000-tree farm produces some rare and unique bottles that we are so proud to be able to bring to the States. Using advanced olive pressing technology, Antonio's EVOOs have the double the average amount of cell-boosting polyphenol antioxidants. These oils taste good and are good for you!  

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