EVOO Sale: Save up to 30% off before prices rise for 2024 harvest!

We are in the transition between harvest years and the first '23/'24 harvest oils are just starting to hit the US. Prices are rising significantly this year as production is unable to meet demand. To soften the blow, we are offering some great deals on remaining bottles of '22/'23 oils and this is a great opportunity to enjoy some of our favorite oils at low prices, stock is limited to product we have left on hand.

You may have heard that European EVOO faces somewhat of a crisis, there are many factors involved in the decreased production of olive oil in Italy, but the result across the board is less oil available and increased prices, especially in countries outside of the US.  If you're interested in learning more about the changes to the olive oil industry influencing pricing, check out this great article from Olive Oil Times.

While this year has been challenging for our producers, Ilyse and Ron have worked hard with all of them to bring you the best quality EVOO from Italy at competitive pricing. Ritrovo only works directly with artisan producers. This year we have also formed connections with new producers such as Nativ from Campania, and expanded our offerings from suppliers like Decimi, Accademia Olearia, and Marino to provide our customers with the same bold olive oils that Ritrovo is known for, with the best pricing possible

While they last, save on two of our favorite olive oils with unique flavor profiles from the '22/'23 harvest. Both are award winners! In addition to these specials, we are offering limited savings for other '22/'23 oils and their remaining inventory.

La Bella DOP 100% Taggiasca and Colli Etruschi Organic Caninese oils are discounted as follows

  • 20% off individual bottles
  • 30% off a case of 6 bottles



No code needed. Shop the sale while supplies last.

La Bella Angiolina DOP Riviera EVOO

Coming to us from Liguria, this EVOO is made from 100% late-harvest Taggiasca olives that have grown on trees over 400 years old. Artisan Luca Bastieri and his family have achieved bottling the flavors of the sun-drenched Italian Riviera.

Flavor notes: Velvety-smooth with an almond finish. Delightful over salads, seafood and pureed into pestos.


Colli Etruschi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

From the Central Mediterranean, this EVOO is certified organic and excellent for sautés, especially with seasonal vegetables and bitter greens. At Colli, Nicola Fazzi uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oils with a higher antioxidant count.

Flavor Notes: Bright green, this oil has notes of fresh cut grass with bold herbal aromas and a bold, peppery finish.