Cecilia Tessieri Rabassi: The Best Italian Chocolate Gift You Can Give

Are you looking for the best Italian chocolate gift you can give? Years ago, Cecilia was the first woman to obtain the title of Maître Chocolatier in the world and the first person overall to earn the title in Italy. We are so excited to be the first importer to bring her chocolate line, Cecilia Tessieri Rabassi, to the US! Read on to learn more about why you need this Italian chocolate in your life.

1. CTR Chocolate has a delicious history.

Bean-to-bar lovers already know the story and have fallen in love with Cecilia's work at Amedei. Cecilia has a solid foundation to her career, she founded Amedei, but today she has moved on to create an artisanal chocolate brand. Moving to the quieter Tuscany and focusing on simple, powerful innovations, she has launched her very own chocolate company under her namesake.  

2. This chocolate showcases the knowledge of cacao.

Studying chocolate in Belgium, Germany and France, Cecilia has a broad knowledge of how to turn a simple chocolate bar into something truly memorable. While in France, she spent time studying tropical plants and how aromatics of cacao are developed and how that is processed and translated into a final chocolate bar. Today, her work evokes quality and luxury, showcasing her knowledge. We were fortunate to meet Cecilia and see her craft when we were in Tuscany this fall!  We now carry these CTR bars, chocolate spreads and gift boxes, see them all here.

She took this education to the next level in 1992 by opening a small chocolate production facility in which she utilized the top sourced cocoa beans from around the globe: from Venezuela, Madagascar, Jamaica, and elsewhere. She continued her experimentation with quality cacao, launching her first Amedei flavor, Toscano Black 70% in 1998. Amedei soon became a worldwide symbol of quality and luxury branding for chocolate.  Cecilia grew her that company into a brand of over 120 products sold worldwide.

3. It's award-winning chocolate.

While owner of Amadei Cecilia won numerous awards for her chocolate and this year her Cecilia Tessieri Rabassi Icon Peru, of which Ritrovo is the new exclusive US importer, on the prestigious Tavoletta d’Oro 2022 Prize.

4. It's fun to taste! Here's how.

Nothing special is needed to simply enjoy these chocolates, but if you're looking for an edible adventure, read on! Start by smelling the chocolate, then try to pick up on these flavors as you slowly let a piece melt on your tongue. As the chocolate warms in your mouth, you will find the flavors will come alive and transforms and evolves as it melts away.  

TOMEETYOU Milk Chocolate with Italian Hazelnuts: It's like upscale Nutella! The first scents will hint at a nutty caramel. Enjoy the milky, nutty flavors, complete with pieces of hazelnuts. This bar is a sweety, fruity finish with notes of cherry.

WEEKEND 70% Dark: With notes of earthiness on the nose that shift to hints of marzipan on the tongue, this bar is a crowd pleaser.

MYWAY 80% Dark: With a piney nose, this bar is richer, darker, not as fatty. A taste will give you a tea-like astringency on the palette.  

ICON 85% Dark Chocolate: A single-origin chocolate with cocoa from Peru, this bar has scents of scotch barrels and raisins. Once you dive in and taste, you will find it to be quite smooth with more flavors of scotch and toasted bread.

5. There's a chocolate spread too.

We love chocolate, but we might love chocolate spread even more. The Cecilia Tessieri Rabassi line also has a luxurious Dark Chocolate Spread complete with hazelnuts and an Orange Jam with Cocoa Nibs. Get ready for the best toast of your life with these spreads!