70 Years of Perfectly Crafted Pastas from Umbria

La Romagna was established in 1950 by Mr. Libio Fratini and his wife. They opened the very first fresh pasta shop in Umbria. Today the quality and traditional flavors are still made, but now by Libby's daughters and grandsons.
Each pasta is from the best ingredients, like Italian durum wheat flour, Apulian farro flour, and filtered water. Slow, low temperature air-drying preserves the pasta’s hearty structure, full flavor, and sauce-gripping texture. La Romagna is truly for the pasta lover.
 While they craft many shapes, they are known for the classic Umbrian stringozzi and Libio Fratini is said to be the very first one to produce this particular shape. The shape of the “Stringozzi” is a nod to a violent time when people were against the Church of Rome. They would try to ambush Catholic priests, strangling their throats (gozzi) with their shoelaces (stringhe).
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